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Est. 2007  -  New Hope PA

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MIXXTAPE 6/20/09 Stonehenge: The Lost Jam
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The mix tape may be a cultural relic lost on the iPod generation. But there’s one band in Bucks County that has not only embraced the tradition, but they’ve even modeled their music after it. Based in New Hope, the MIXXTAPE consciously creates music that resembles a good old fashioned compilation cassette. A typical show finds them effortlessly switching gears from genres as varied as rock to jazz and reggae to electronica. Their approach to creating music is a result of varying musical tastes of its members. Putting those differences together creates the MIXXTAPE's singular sound. -Jack Firneno

"The Tim Nayfield Mix Tape had an impressive breadth of diversity, like their name implies. Songs ranged from Reggae (particularly Icarus), Punk, to Jazz. Some of their jams had very chill electronica vibes, and they even had some tribal elements in one of their songs. Far too often, when you’ve heard a band’s first song, you’ve essentially heard them all. I was very impressed by just how much diversity The Tim Nayfield Mix Tape had in each song and between songs. They always kept me excited and interested through out the night...In a scene where bands are often clamoring to showoff, The Tim Nayfield Mix Tape had a rare virtue, balance. There songs remained catchy, engaging, fun, and fully accessible... For once I find myself happy about receiving a mix tape, as long as it’s The Tim Nayfield Mix Tape"

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